Grandolf & Smug (It’s a working title)

Meet Grandalf, a spry old unicorn wizard and Smug, a sassy treasure stealing dragon. They’ve been bffs for around 500 years though neither can remember how they met. 
 At the age of 665 Grandalf has grown quite bored of being immortal and Smug has been bored in general for basically forever. Against the wishes of their families they set off on a quest to find the fountain of DEATH…Spoiler alert, everyone is pretty sure it doesn’t work on unicorns or dragons. Like 87% sure. Maybe 93%? Yes, without a doubt 79%. It does work on vampires though. Like 100% kills vampires. 
It is said that the fountain is hidden in a cave on the edge of the world and is protected by a fearsome elemental beast! (Rawrrrr!) Along the way Grandalf tries to teach Smug various games and tricks, while the ever nonplussed Smug swipes random treasures and slightly burninates the country side. 

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